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  • 시 한편 감상^^
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  • 미친 농부, 거친 나뭇가지 깃발을 날리며 동맹으로부터 탈퇴하다...



    권력과 돈의 동맹으로부터


    권력과 비밀의 동맹으로부터


    정부와 과학의 동맹으로부터


    과학과 돈의 동맹으로부터


    야망과 무지의 동맹으로부터


    천재와 전쟁의 동맹으로부터


    바깥 공간과 내적 공허의 동맹으로부터


    미친 농부는 말없이 발걸음을 옮긴다


                                     ㅡ 웬델 베리



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    2013.01.16 17:53

    The Mad Farmer Secedes from the Union

    The Mad Farmer, Flying the Flag of White Flint, Secedes From the Union
     From the union of power and money,
     from the union of power and secrecy,
     from the union of government and science,
     from the union of government and art,
     from the union of science and money,
     from the union of ambition and ignorance,
     from the union of genius and war,
     from the union of outer space and inner vacuity,
     the Mad Farmer walks quietly away.

     There is only one of him, but he goes.
     He returns to the small country he calls home,
     his own nation small enough to walk across.

     He goes shadowy into the local woods,
     and brightly into the local meadows and croplands.
     He goes to the care of neighbors,
     he goes into the care of neighbors.
     He goes to the potluck supper, a dish from each house
     for the hunger of every house.
     He goes into the quiet of early mornings
     of days when he is not going anywhere.

     Calling his neighbors together into the sanctity of their lives
     separate and together
     in the one life of their commonwealth and home,
     in their own nation small enough for a story
     or song to travel across in an hour, he cries:

     Come all ye conservatives and liberals
     who want to conserve the good things and be free,
     come away from the merchants of big answers,
     whose hands are metalled with power;
     from the union of anywhere and everywhere
     by the purchase of everything from everybody at the lowest price
     and the sale of anything to anybody at the highest price;
     from the union of work and debt, work and despair;
     from the wage-slavery of the helplessly well-employed.

     From the union of self-gratification and self-annihilation,
     secede into care for one another and for the good gifts of Heaven and Earth.

     Come into the life of the body, the one body
     granted to you in all the history of time.
     Come into the body’s economy, its daily work,
     and its replenishment at mealtimes and at night.
     Come into the body’s thanksgiving, when it knows
     and acknowledges itself a living soul.
     Come into the dance of the community, joined
     in a circle, hand in hand, the dance of the eternal
     love of women and men for one another
     and of neighbors and friends for one another.
     Always disappearing, always returning,
     calling his neighbors to return, to think again
     of the care of flocks and herds, of gardens
     and fields, of woodlots and forests and the uncut groves,
     calling them separately and together, calling and calling,
     he goes forever toward the long restful evening
     and the croak of the night heron over the river at dark.

    -- Wendell Berry

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    2013.01.16 18:33

    이 분의 저서 "온 삶을 먹다. (Bringing it to the table)"를 추천합니다.

    기술자에서 이제는 귀농하여 농부가 된 이요한 교우가 부러운 이유!

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    2013.01.17 12:45

    원문은 이렇게 긴거였네요^^;;
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